Lab North

How to turn the monofunctional Brussels North District into a lively and inclusive part of Brussels? During past two years, this question gathered various actors in an multi-layered reflection. Small and big actions were taken that revealed the potential for a more diverse urban environment. The discussion was stimulated by lectures, exhibitions, symposia and workshops. During the meanwhile use of the WTCI tower, this reflection was given the space it deserved. The debate got sparked and new actors were introduced.

A lot happened, yet the question is not resolved. In the meanwhile, the district is transforming. This demands next steps. The partners of Lab North believe this requires opening the debate and coming up with a shared vision. Steps have been taken in the right directions. How can we amplify these steps?

A shared vision for the North District should be co-produced. We can start from the many tests and ideas from past two years. What worked? What didn’t? By working together with private, public and civic partners and starting from what is there, a future-proof vision for the district can be build. The partners of Lab North are currently preparing this conversation and call all interested parties to join.

A new website version is under construction. Keep posted for more informations.