About the Lab

Lab North is a network of actors collaborating on the different projects of the association Up4North. It is a partnership between Up4North, design agency Vraiment Vraiment, architecture agency 51N4E and think-and-do-tank Architecture Workroom Brussels. They join forces for a agile reflection on the North district and they re-imagine how the district can gain back an inclusive place in the city.

The association Up4North was created in 2016 by the real estate companies present in the North district: AG Real Estate, Allianz Benelux., AXA Belgium, Banimmo, Befimmo, Belfius Insurance, Immobel and Triuva Belgium.
Based upon the strengths of the area such as the good accessibility and the strategic location, they are all convinced that a major transformation is needed for the district: a turning point towards a dynamic, innovative area where different worlds meet, share and connect: corporates and starters, inhabitants and visitors, local, national and international.
The association wants to launch a co-creation process by stimulating collaboration with stakeholders from the public sector, private sector and civil society.

The first concept of this project has been launched with the Café North, an ideal place to organize workshops, exhibitions, debates, etc. Platform North is a second stage of the project: an online platform where empty spaces in the area are presented, ready to welcome temporary occupations and new usages.